Proof that everyone’s an expert at something

Did you know if you do a Yahoo search for “Jack Russell puppy stains on carpet”…my blog has the number 2 hit? Who knew I was so knowledgeable?

(When you don’t have time to blog all the zillions of thoughts in your head, you resort to things like this that take 1 minute and 30 seconds.)

5 thoughts on “Proof that everyone’s an expert at something

  1. Hey Gregg, I didn’t see a way to send you an e-mail so I will ask you here. I’m just curious are you related to any Koskela’s in Astoria Oregon? I am a Finn raised in Astoria and we had several Finn’s there by the name Koskela. And just last year my daughter’s 1st grade teacher here in Portland was related to the Koskela’s in Astoria. Just curious! Tina


  2. Aaron: Sitemeter. It’s free. I blogged about other mechanics of blogging on October 1; you can find it in the archives in the left sidebar.Tina: Thanks for asking! To my knowledge, I’m not related. My name is Finnish, and evidently it’s very common in Finland and communities like Astoria where there are lots of Finns. My dad’s an only child from a small family, so the only relatives we know about are in Michigan. Thanks for stopping by!


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