4 thoughts on “This year’s costumes

  1. Thanks for posting this. Henry (7) went from being a panda last year to Count Dracula, the most powerful of vampires, this year. Silas (3) was a werewolf, for the second year in a row. I went as “the fairy of sweet dreams” in a long white nightgown and bathrobe and my favorite wings. No digital photos, though.


  2. Anybody give you flack for the pipe? I think it’s a nice touch, personally, though I can’t help wonder where it came from; another glimpse of the real Gregg through a crack in the door? 🙂


  3. :)No, Walt, I don’t smoke. But there is a funny story behind this. Talli and I went to Fred Meyer to get the last things for her costume, including the pipe. I went to ask one of the workers if they sold a pipe, and she says, “DAD! Tell them why you’re asking!”I didn’t. I just said, “Do you sell pipes, you know, tobacco pipes?”She was mad. “DAD! He’s gonna think you SMOKE!” I tried to keep a straight face, and told her it’s ok; we know I don’t, and what other people think isn’t the end of the world.(But I did have to ask one more person at Customer service, and out of respect for her, I told the lady it was for a Halloween costume.)


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