I’m tired.

I’m really tired. But I’m also happy, for which I am really grateful.

So no exciting blogging tonight. But, thank you…thank you for the great comments lately. Thanks to the Quaker bloggers out there who’ve been reading and discussing. (I’ve been mentally writing a series of “Why I’m a Quaker” posts, so watch out. But I also owe a peacemaking post. And most of you will be glad to know that I think I’m officially done with the seminary memory series.)

And thank you for your good work in pushing the visits number for October over September, with a whole day to spare! AND thank you Kennesaw, Georgia, for hit number 4000.

Good night.

One thought on “I’m tired.

  1. I’m glad you’re happy :)I’m very interested in your “Why I’m a Quaker” thoughts. I grew up in a different church and was led to NFC through George Fox University and my husband (whose father used to be on staff at NFC). I’ve never left, even driving down some weeks after our move to Vancouver. (luckily that was brief and we’re closer now!)It just feels so right to me – the church, the Quakers. But I always want to know more and hear others’ ideas about why it works for them. Looking forward to your thoughts… 🙂


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