Cliff notes version of tonight

Ok, I’m sure I’ll blog more later, but for now, here’s the quick take on tonight:

Bob Hyatt and the Evergreen Life community were a wonderfully warm and accepting community to me tonight. I really enjoyed hearing about their journey to follow God. Thanks Bob, Chris and Karli, Aaron, and Katie and Mike (I put Katie first because I talked to her about her MAT program and the journey from Texas to PDX)…thanks to all of you for welcoming me and the great conversation.

I didn’t get to talk much with the Tall Skinny Kiwi, but the little I did was good. He’s a hopeful voice for many different types of church being effective, many different groupings being faithful to Christ…but he did say, “…as long as they’re not all in the same gathering.” Hmm. That’ll be fodder for thought for awhile.

But, anyway, the one thing I want to say tonight is to Bob…I solved the dilemma of what to call the emergent movement since you don’t like the word. I didn’t tell anyone, but closed away in my back pack was my beloved iBook. In the course of the evening, I saw two other iBooks and your Powerbook 12“. I know Doug Pagitt and TSK are on the Mac platform. Iconoclasts, all of us.

So we’re not the emergent church. We’re the Apple® church. 🙂

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