On Blogging…as a habit

I’ve just made the a-ha discovery that blogging is like a habit, and like other habits, it can be broken, and once it’s broken, it can be really hard to get going again. Currently, I’m paralyzed because I want to blog more about peacemaking, continue the seminary memory posts, write about the insights I’m getting into my own psyche, dissect a parenting dilemma, issue another challenge to Tony, and even blog about the cool new iMac and video iPod Apple came out with.

But I’m gonna go to bed. If you want to help me re-establish the blogging habit, you might comment on which of the above you would most like to hear about. And then I’ll try to actually write about it.

11 thoughts on “On Blogging…as a habit

  1. I vote for the parenting dilemma and the psyche insights. I’m also still interested in peacemaking but I may well be the only “ignorant” one, since I didn’t grow up in the Quaker tradition. Plus I should be learning more about this in the Exploring Friends class soon.


  2. I’m all for the controversial: Tony and parenting! (though I know that the ipod thing is a bit touchy since they gave no clue that it was coming out, so some folks who might’ve held out for a video ipod now own a nano and are nano too pleased). I think you should do it Springer-style: is it possible to crash a chair over someone’s head on a blog?


  3. I personally, being the geek that I am, would love to hear your insights on the new iMac. I know it’s being introduced as Macs version of the Media Center PC, but beyond that I have done zero research.


  4. I’m up for parenting, seminary and psyche. Second tier would be peacemaking and challenging Tony. (I kind of like how these might fit together.) I couldn’t care less aout the iMac and iPod.My advice is to start with whichever seems shortest. If the others still seem pressing, you’ll get around to them.


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