100 years

We’re in Boise, Idaho this weekend, celebrating with Boise Friends Church. In 1905, BFC began as an outreach of Kansas Yearly Meeting, and they’re still going strong 100 years later. It’s a story for another post, but I pastored Boise Friends from 1999-2002, coming after the church had gone through a really difficult church split, after much wounding by the previous pastor. Another time. Today, I just really had fun. I love these people. I love their talents, their generosity, their sense of family. But more than anything else, what I realized again today is I admire their strength.

BFC reached its peak around 1980, with incredible music and outreach, well known in the Boise community. Harold Antrim pastored them for almost a quarter of their existence, and it was his successor that blew up the church six years after he left. But this is the church that would not die. They made up their mind that they were NOT going to die. They did the hard work of healing, and they are a true community of Jesus Christ. These are the people who taught me how to be a pastor, and I miss them. It’s great to be here!

They also made a shirt I love! Our whole family bought one, and I’ll share a picture with you:
Boise Friends shirt
It says, “Quakers Rock! Faith, peace, equality, simplicity, justice, human rights, integrity, and Cadbury chocolate. We’ve got it all.”

With that, I say, good night.

4 thoughts on “100 years

  1. It’s been great to have you here! The weekend went by too fast. I’m sure there isn’t room in this comment box to even begin to describe the impact your family had (has) on this church and on my life, so I’ll save that for another day, too- maybe I’ll include it in my future blog. . . We love you guys. Tanya


  2. I forwarded the picture and words to a few friends – who now want one of their own. Is BFC selling them beyond the one event? Maybe we could make our own, would they mind?robinchris {a-t} earthlink {dot} netwould like to know…


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