One thought on “Boundary Markers or Life?

  1. Wow. thanks. I really like reading these, even if I miss the interaction that probably makes it more interesting in person than the average sermon. I’m also interested in next week’s topic, not because it’s about the S word, but because the question of what am I called to give up in order to live my life more fully in God and the kingdom of God has been potent for me over the last year. And just this week I started reading Lloyd Lee Wilson’s new book, Wrestling with Our Faith Tradition, which also talks about the Quaker way of letting go of the things that are not God or not of God in order to concentrate more fully on God.Mostly they’ve been outward things. And I don’t miss them, most of the time anyway. The desire went away as I was made aware that my life was not so filled with the Spirit that I was free. My life is full without them. But as Thomas Kelly wrote, the world is full of folks, or did he say Friends, who are ready to follow Jesus halfway. What will the next step be like? Will it be really, really hard or will it get easy too once I get going?


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