A Life Mission

NFC, worship & messages

Here’s a link to the message I gave today, from Colossians 2: 6,7.

I brought Legos to help. After third service, about 10 kids came up and we got to talk shop about Legos. (Mind you, these are my actual Legos from when I was a kid. A middle schooler after first service said, “Whoa! Retro Legos!” No man, they’re just OLD!)

(UPDATE: here’s a pic of my “retros”):

2 thoughts on “A Life Mission

  1. Hey, your legos aren’t all that bad. If it were my dad doing the illustration, he would’ve used Lincoln logs . . or rocks. Actually, he has used rocks, in a backpack, but that was talking about baggage we carry around – he named the rocks, and yes, I was one of them. We’ll see how many more Journeys it takes for me to get over that one. 🙂


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