What do you notice?

What do you observe about this painting?

What do you observe about this painting?

This is an assignment. I’m asking you do actually do what I’m going to ask, and then respond in the comments. Can you handle that?

One of my favorite profs at Fuller was Marianne Meye Thompson. She was a key person in helping the bible become a living book for me. One of her first assignments in one of the classes I took from her was to go to the library and look at this painting of a member of the Board of Trustees at Fuller. We had to go stare at this painting for 15 minutes, and write down what we noticed about the picture, what stood out. Then we came to class and shared our noticings.

You don’t have to do it for 15 minutes, but look at this picture. Click on it, and it will get bigger. Look at this picture, and write in the comments what stands out to you. After I have 10 real, legitimate, bona fide comments, I’ll blog about the point she wanted us to get. So, look and comment! Go! Right now! What are you waiting for?

15 thoughts on “What do you notice?

  1. As you know when you do not have one of the five senses, the others are heightened a bit. So in my case being deaf, I’ve noticed the following:His hands were the first things I looked at because they were not at mid-level, open as if beckoning welcome to all. This would have been what Jesus would have done.Then his face, which was warm and friendly. Cordial and reserved.His robe, suit, and the background are blue. A calm color and professional.His robe was open which to me signifed that he was not uptight or perhaps he did not take himself too seriously.


  2. Umm, would it be that Dr. DenBesten was never a member of the Board of Trustees, but was, as the title plate says, the First Provost of Fuller.And further, was Marianne’s point that none of the portraits in the main library reading room was of a trustee? (or is it “were”?)


  3. His hands draw you forward, closer. Kind eyes. Peaceful (secretly pleased?) expression on face. Wedding ring. His white collar and red hair stand out in a sea of blue.


  4. Leave it to Bob to find my mistake! In my memory, he was a board of trustee member, and I didn’t read the plaque. For all I know, I could have captured the wrong plaque in the pic. I snuck into the library in 2003, remembering this experience, and was trying to quickly and discretely take the picture. Suffice it to say, the point is not what his role is.


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  6. I first noticed his hands, not proportionate to the rest of his body size. Then I noticed that his hands seemed to be holding an invisible book–maybe the living word of God. He looks kind and wise and wanting to share something with me as I look at him. I feel invited by his presence.


  7. i noticed
    a lot of blue
    he is wearing a blue suit and a blur robe over it…open
    look like a pastor’s robe…or choir
    his head and hands are highlighted
    he is grinning and looking at the viewer
    his hands seem to be like they are doing a come here sign
    or like they are ready to hold something
    i can not see his legs or feet but i assume he is standing
    the background is mostly blue
    he has strawberry blond hair that is thinning
    he is slim
    he looks to be around 50 year of age


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