I should be in bed…

…and I will be in a matter of minutes. But I’m excited about tomorrow, to gather in worship with people I love. Here’s what I plan to say…we’ll see if I actually do. 🙂

Sunday should bring the 2000th hit to this blog, a sort of milestone that’s cool. I’ve realized that the blog world is so infinitely huge, and it’s fun to be making connections and new friends. Hopefully I’ll have time this week to link some of those I’ve found. Till then, thanks for the comments while I was gone; Tanya, get that blog going; AJ, I’ll answer some of the questions out in the open on the blog; Robin, you’re one of the new connections I’m grateful for; Liz, I had a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast this morning; Kathy, your thoughts on community actually WERE pretty profound; and Jimmy, I’m glad I made you laugh.

Oh, and one more thing: while Aubrey was reeling in that fish, she said, “The fish says, ‘I’m glad Aubrey caught me!’” Girl’s got confidence, hey now.

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