Format tweaking about done…

…and if a picture of a Quaker pastor dancing isn’t a gamble, well then I don’t know what is! Once I figure out how to fix the extra line at the bottom of the sidebar, and the extra line covering the picture at the bottom, I’ll be done tweaking.

3 thoughts on “Format tweaking about done…

  1. This could explain the article in the Newberg Graphic announcing a dance at NFC last Saturday that people at the Senior Center were fussed up about on Monday… And to think, I defended you!


  2. I will never forget Ed Stevens (may his tribe still increase) standing in front of the Ym reps who were in a fuss about dancing at GFox saying with genuine bemusement ” But I have been dancing with my wife for 40 years and I don’t think it had ever yet led to sin…” I think you should preach in that tux! What a beautiful babe you are dancing with!Peggy Parsonsfreedomfriends.rog


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