7 thoughts on “Harry Potter madness

  1. Kathy-I would say, Elaine encouraged, and I enabled. There’s a difference!Benjamin-Sad to say, I’ve only read through Goblet of Fire. Order of the Phoenix is next on the docket for me. But Elaine’s reading it after Talli goes to bed.Bob-The cheaper option is to be way behind on your “to read” list.


  2. So…splitting hairs and shifting responsibility somehow gives you a clear conscience. Interesting…We have a copy of the Goblet of Fire you can borrow if you want. Another cheaper option is that 3 people share the same book – Son gets it when riding in the car (mom gets carsick and dad can’t read and drive at the same time) and while mom and dad are working. Mom reads it after dinner and well past bedtime. Dad finishes the other book he had already started, waiting for son and mom to finish it and get their greedy little hands off it – which they will both surely do before he finishes his other book and/or before he leaves the state with it in 2 weeks.


  3. Done.We could have got by with one. Chris finished Sunday (starting with a few chapters on Saturday night), and I could get to it until yesterday.So we give one away – but not at church. Folks at our church are not as comfortable with moral ambiguity as the host of this blog.


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