So…how long has the format on my blog been messed up?

Posts aren’t appearing until the end of all the links and stuff on the right side. That makes for a lot of blank space. I can’t seem to fix it after plenty of fiddling. If you would, post a comment or an e-mail telling when you noticed the formatting is off; and, if (Liz) you’re (Liz) an (Liz) html/css (Liz) wizard (Liz), give (Liz) me (Liz) some (Liz) help (Liz)!!

6 thoughts on “Help!

  1. OK – that was REALLY creepy! I logged on this morning and saw my name all over this entry. Now I’m not sure I’m the Liz you’re trying to creep out, but I can say that your page looks fine to me today. I noticed it messed up a couple weeks ago (sorry I didn’t say anything….) But the left column seems to be in the right place today (at least on my browser). 🙂


  2. No worries – I enjoy a little creepiness every once in a while ;)I’m on IE 6.0 on Windows 2000 Pro here at work. Sorry you’re having trouble! I wish I was really a wizard so I could help. Unfortunately, most of my magical powers are pretend (don’t tell my coworkers!!!)


  3. Why are you guys wearing raingear? It’s summertime!!!Seems the problem is with Firefox. Looking at your page from a Windows notebook using Firefox I have the white space problem. When I look at it from the same computer with IE it looks fine.Good luck!


  4. This may be the case, or not. But I have on occasion posted a picture into my template that was too large. The result was that it shoved all my right side links to the very bottom of the page but only on Window’s computers, not on my mac.So, I wonder if you’ve recently added any large pics to your right sidebar? or large pics in the main post? On my mac, this current post is messed up. ie. lots o blank space.


  5. And on my PC now the left column fills the whole page. The right column is where it should be but overlaps the left.And, Bob, I see some wisdom in wearing a hood in an aviary whether it’s raining or not!


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