The best laid plans…

My seminary friend, Tony Jones, once said in his blog that as a rule, he doesn’t edit or change posts that he’s made. For all their possible mistakes or errors, he leaves them there as evidence of our frailty as human beings.

I gave the message I posted last night in first service, but not in the other two. I didn’t really feel that great about it after first, and as I prayed and sought God during second service, something else came to mind. It was a good experience for me, to remember that dependence on God is essential in speaking and sharing.

If you’re interested in hearing what I actually said, you can find it on our church’s website. On the bottom right, you can click on “Download Audio Files”. Today’s whole service, June 12, is online to listen to.

2 thoughts on “The best laid plans…

  1. Gregg, Today after church my husband asked me what I thought of the sermon (standard question on the ride home) and I said, “What sermon?” I got stuck on a line from the song Coram Deo that answered your question, “What do I ultimately desire?” Thank you for not talking over the voice of God this morning.When I asked my husband what he thought of the service, he said, “I think what happened was exactly what was supposed to happen.” I agree.


  2. While I missed service on Sunday (attending up at Rose Valley – wouldn’t want folks to think I was just ‘sleeping in’ – not like you can do that with an overactive nine month old anyway . . . ), I really appreciated the ability to hear the service online! And I *so* resonated with the message laid on your heart. We try to reduce the Gospel, put it in bite-sized chunks to make it more palettable, controlable. Usually this leaves us with a bad case of indigestion (maybe next week’s message should be on offering our stomachs to God). 🙂 Thanks for reminding us of God’s holistic nature.


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