Brain dump

Writing takes time. It’s a commodity I don’t have much of in this phase of life. So, while I should be in bed getting a good night’s sleep for tomorrow, I’m sitting here blogging. I need to dump some of these things out of my brain.

Of course, that isn’t what I WANT to do. What I WANT to do is take each of these little nuggets of an idea and slave over them until the humor is side splitting, the thoughts expressed completely profound, the expression so beautiful that it brings tears to your eyes. So just let me live in my little fantasy world that all of that would happen if I just had a little more time to perfect this brain dump. 😉

I spent all this time sharing about our trip to Dominica and never said where it was. Dominica is a small island in the Caribbean, about 29 miles north to south and 13 or so miles east to west. It lies smack in the middle of what’s known as the Windward Islands, the north/south stretch that defines the eastern border of the Caribbean Sea. Columbus spotted it on his second voyage, when he discovered what became the standard route across the Atlantic ocean for the next 300 years. Ships from Europe came right between Dominica and its neighbor to the north, Guadeloupe, on every trip to the new world before the advent of the steam engine. However, its geography made it practically worthless for plantations and very difficult to clear and colonize. It bounced back and forth between French and English rule, mostly settling with the British. It’s been independent since 1979. At 15°, it’s in the same latitude as Guatemala, central Africa, and India.

I changed my mind. That’s all I’m dumping for tonight. I really am going to save the story about the woman on the airplane and my reflections about literature and how the heck “Leave it to Beaver” life happened in the U.S. for when I can develop them well. (Just so you’ll know; the airplane story is the one that’s supposed to make you laugh and also go “Hmmm….”, and the “Leave it to Beaver” one is the profound one with beautiful expression. You’ve been informed, now please respond appropriately when I finally do write them.)

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