Proud dad

Ok, read this paragraph, and tell me it’s not sheer genius.

Talli (my oldest daughter) wrote a story for school last week. She gave me permission to put the opening paragraph here on my blog. She’s in fifth grade. FIFTH GRADE! I read this opening and I almost cried. It absolutely sucks you in.

Lillian shivered, hugging herself to keep warm. In early February the night air made her bones tingle all the way through. She ran out to the field beside her house and sat down by the trunk of a giant Maple tree. Lillian knew she had to go inside soon or else her parents would get worried. Besides, it was almost her bedtime. But something had made her come out. At night she often felt this way. Lillian could do something that, as far as she knew, no one else could do. Lillian could read the stars.

I’ll pass any comments along to the author…

4 thoughts on “Proud dad

  1. WOW! It sure sucked us in. Would Talli give permission for you to print the rest of her story? This is obviously one gifted young lady. No bias here either. -Grandma & Grampa Koskela


  2. Now that’s a girl who’s read/watched “Anne of Green Gables” – I recognize a kindred spirit when I see it. Kudos to the budding authoress! Keep up the amazing work!


  3. Hi Tali – You may not remember me, but I sure remember you. I am a quaker minister and a friend of your parents. That is a very fine opening paragraph. Keep writing. I have been writing stories since I was your age, and it is one on my greatest joys. If you can think for yourself and express your thoughts in writing you will always have a head start on the crowd. Peggy Senger Parsons


  4. I have no bias, I just stumbled on this blog and took a read.Wow !!! She can grip a reader in under a paragraph and she’s in fifth grade. If she keeps the momentum and dynamic she begins with, this good be a very writer. Keep an eye on this one she might do great things…


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