May 18-Day 7 on Dominica

Today we explored on our own. We shopped in Roseau, the capital city, and we went hunting for the two geocaches on the island. (There’s a link in the sidebar on the right to geocaching if you don’t know what that is.) When we found the first geocache, it was at a little restaurant, so we had lunch. We met the owner, who set up the cache, and an English man who was the guide who discovered that the Boiling Lake was empty last Christmas Eve. Yes, it is a small island!

Then we drove to Trafalgar Falls, beautiful as usual. This one is called the Mother…

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We found the other geocache and dropped off the Wee Rum Travel Bug.

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It absolutely POURED on us, enough so that we understood why stuff grows absolutely everywhere. We got soaked, so we decided to clamber and climb and slop through the creek and rock hop up to the falls. We got almost to the base of the waterfall they call the Father before we gave up. Almost missed the trail on our way back, but we made it.

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We drove to Emerald Pool, which was pretty nice, and then started to cross to the eastern shore to hike to Sari Sari falls, but realized there was no way we had enough time. One regret is not getting to the east side of the island. There’s too much to see here!

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Dinner was salad with a guava dijon dressing. I was supposed to hate dijon, but I loved it; and fresh tuna cooked in a wine sauce. I decided that I do like fish after all.

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