May 15-Day 4 on Dominica

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Crescent Moon is going to be exotic. We’re the only guests here. Like E said, it’s great being in two so different places. This is rain forest; it dumped on us earlier. We sat on the porch, me swaying in the hammock, and loving it. It’s also really nice being hosted by Americans, just for communication’s sake.

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We just got back from a soak in the hot tub. I had a dinner I never would have chose, and it was really good! Barbecued Marlin, covered with a pineapple and passion fruit glaze. Goat cheese cheesecake for dessert; homemade bread, soup with coconut milk, a broccoli patté/cake thing–and I loved it all!

We arrived after a leisurely day of driving down the coast. The ATM we stopped at had a locking door that opened with your card, letting you into a little room with the machine. We got Eastern Caribbean dollars out of it, got gas, and headed south. The Black Pearl was further out in the bay.

We had the Dominica diving book with us, and chose to stop and snorkel at Rodney Rock, because we hoped to see sea horses. Parked and walked a long way to get there. Visibility wasn’t as good. It was a cool sheer rock face under the water, going deep very quickly. Interesting, but the sea life wasn’t as good as Douglas Bay. It was also rougher, and E got seasick. I kicked back around the rock point, and she got out. We ate at a roadside shack-delicious barbecue chicken. Got here on our own without incident; leisurely afternoon, gorgeous place-more remote, incredibly relaxed!