May 13-Day 2 on Dominica

I think I’m more relaxed than I’ve ever been!

In the middle of the night, a pretty fierce storm blew in. The wind blew the rain horizontal-across the porch, through the open window and hitting us on the bed! The sound was quite amazing. E was up till past 2, but I slept well again.

We were up before 9-breakfast and some reading on the porch-much indecision about what to do. Walked down to Point Baptiste Beach. Pretty, yet small-rained, quite muddy (red clay) going down.

Point Baptiste Beach

Exchanged some money in Calibishie, walked through town, headed back to borrow the bikes we’d heard about at Sea Cliff. Pasqual gave us a ride up the hill, and E lost her hat on the way, only to discover-no bikes anymore! Then we were really indecisive-ended up eating, reading, relaxing. We read up on places to go, and got more paralyzed. Finally, we arranged to get a rental car for tomorrow, found Pasqual, and had him drive us to the town of Bense and on to Chaudiere pool.

Just past Calibishie, two women in army uniforms stopped us. We waited in a line up-and watched part of Pirates being filmed! I heard them yell “action!” once, so it was like a real, live movie! E took a forbidden picture.

Forbidden Pirates Picture

As we drove past, it was amazing how many people are involved on a project like this. One guy saw the camera sitting next to E on the seat and yelled at her to put it away! (Didn’t know the rebel had already got her pic!) They had a wheel, like a mill wheel on a river, and then we saw a bigger one made out of blue material, like for blue screen digital effects. Can’t wait to see what that is in the movies. They had all kinds of trucks and a “Star Dressing Room trailer, many with California license plates. Must have shipped lots of stuff there. The logistics for this thing must be insane!

The road between Bense and the trailhead was brutal. Pasqual only had a two wheel drive Mitsubishi pickup, and we almost got stuck a few times. The views were amazing-it’s just so wild. We swam some in the pool, and saw lots of fish. They weren’t trout or bass; maybe perch or something.

Chaudiere Pool

Got back and just relaxed-read on the porch. Had spaghetti from our kitchenette for dinner, and ate it on the table below the 2 bedroom cottage overlooking the bay. The view was exquisite-beach one way, mountains the other.

Another great day, relaxing. I’m reading Karamozov Brothers and enjoying it. Tomorrow-Portsmouth!

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