May 12-Day 1 on Dominica

Today has been heavenly. When we arrived last night, I was worried. I wasn’t feeling well-headache, tired-and I was overwhelmed with culture shock. Shopping and eating seemed overwhelming, and it was more third world than we expected. But, after 12 hours (!!) of sleep, things were different.

Woke up around 10ish. Had some food, noticed the beautiful day, still felt tired. We sat on the porch for awhile and then we got ready and went down to the beach.

Our porch at Sea Cliff

Snorkeling was amazing-way more fish than I was expecting. Beautiful, remote, warm-it felt too good to be true. It’s been windy all day, and that’s been perfect. Keeps it cool enough.

We snorkeled out to the island in Hodges Bay, got out of the water, and hiked up a ways. We just sat and stared for a long time. Noticed a deep pool with lots of fish. E climbed down, I went back and got our snorkel gear. We saw (briefly) some big, bright blue fish. They left quickly, but we saw lots of other beautiful ones. I went out too far and got banged and scraped on some rocks. Only bad thing of the day.

We walked down to town in the evening. Very friendly people! Shopped a little (heard the new government being sworn in on the radio everywhere we went). Ate at the restaurant at Calibishie Lodge, and it was unbelievably good. Rice, salad, fried plantains, and Chicken Garlice. A British couple and their son were staying there. He looked like he’d make a great extra on “Pirates of the Caribbean”-maybe he was! [Two sequels are being filmed all over the island.]

Nigel was our waiter. I liked him a lot. He said Dominica is safe and friendly, and it felt more that way tonight. He told us about Point Baptiste Beach, which we need to try. Came back to our room, called home where the girls are doing better. We’ve been reading ever since! This is so, so relaxing.

It will be good to be here, and good as well to try something new at Crescent Moon. Both of us had the same thought, that it will be nice there to talk with Americans, just for ease of communication. The accent is much more difficult to understand than I thought.

Thank you! Thank you, God, for this opportunity.

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