91° in Newberg today?


It’s absolutely gorgeous today. It’s a day that simply screams golf or flyfishing, but that’s not in the cards for today.

Sorry for the no blogging action. I’m having a bit of an anxiety crisis about what to blog. I typed out one of my journal entries from my vacation, read it, and thought, “Who in the heck wants to read that?!?!” So I haven’t posted it. Yet, I really have nothing else to say. However, I’ve just spent 84 words saying nothing. And now it’s up to 94 words.

SO…if you do want to read journal entries about my trip, say so in the comments. If not, remain silent, and I will go play leapfrog with Aubrey and see if I think of anything ELSE interesting to blog about.

2 thoughts on “91° in Newberg today?

  1. I think you should write your journal entries *and* play leapfrog – those are the important things in life. I’m glad you’re a fellow enjoyer o’heat, but then again, you’ve experienced life outside of the mold. 🙂


  2. I agree with AJ – you should do both but I want to see pictures of your trip too. If not Orlando Bloom then those other beautiful God glorifying scenes of exotic places we’ve never been will do.


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