Back home with not enough adjectives


Elaine and I ran out of words. There aren’t enough words to describe how great our experience was in Dominica. Beautiful, fun, restful, special, relaxing and awesome are just scratching the surface.

I’ve tried to think some about how to blog about it, and I’ve decided that I’ll simply type in over the next few days the journal I wrote while over there. It gives an idea of what we did each day. I’ll just edit the stuff that’s grossly mistaken, so don’t expect stellar prose. But, I think doing that might help me reflect a little more about it.

I also really liked the books I read. Brothers Karamozov was so long (and good) that I only read three. But I’ll have to write some about those, too.

So, plenty of blogging ahead. But, for now, it’s time to go to bed and try and get ready for the first day back in the office.

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