Fun trip preparation

Talk about a plan coming together…

We’ve picked up the hobby of Geocaching. (Short description: use a GPS to find a box hidden by somebody else, who gives the coordinates on the Geocaching website.) Somebody came up with the great idea of a travel bug. It can be anything-a little stuffed animal, a keychain, a trinket, whatever. You buy this special tag with a special number on it, log it into the Geocaching website, and then drop it in one of the hidden caches. Someone else finds it, takes it to another cache, and logs it on the website. You can send your travel bug on a mission, and then track it via the web on its journeys.

Elaine had the idea awhile back to find a travel bug and take it to Dominica with us. Now, that’s a journey! So, last night, I started looking on the website at different hidden caches, looking for what travel bugs were nearby. I found the absolute perfect travel bug for our journey hidden in a cache called “Pirate’s Plunder” in Cook Park in Tigard. It was a very fun, challenging cache. There were multiple steps and clues and math things to figure it out, but nothing is too difficult for the K-5’s, and we found our quarry:


Inside, we found what we were looking for: a travel bug called the Wee Rum Barrel:


Here’s what is just beyond cool. The owner of this travel bug just started this thing on its journey by dropping it in this cache on April 18, 2005 (my birthday!). The owner gave it a goal…to visit every island in the Caribbean, and then return to Oregon! How cool is that?

We’ll soon be helping it fulfill its mission.

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