One Body

Today was a good day at church. Over the past year and a half, I’ve been meeting with other pastors in town, and we’ve sensed that God would love to see different churches be more supportive of each other. So, today, we built on that in worship. We prayed for other churches in Newberg during our worship service. We had a slideshow with pictures of many of the churches in town, and prayed for them as they flashed across the screen. In each service, we had representatives from some churches in town. Many of us gathered around them and prayed for their churches, asking God to bless them. It was obvious, powerful, unique…all kinds of words that really shouldn’t go together, but do.

Here’s a link to what I shared near the beginning of the service.

(P.S. Happy Birthday, Mom!)

One thought on “One Body

  1. Gregg, Yesterday’s service was absolutely wonderful! Like Pam, Yvonne & I have wished for years for that kind of healing, reconciliation, and unity between churches in our community.


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