Techno blogging

Those of you who come to my blog for the scintillating conversation about deep topics may be sadly disappointed over the next few days. As you can see from my posts on Thursday, I’ve entered a whole new technological nirvana-I can blog from my phone. With pictures! This is just way too cool.

So, today, I’ll be heading to downtown Portland, to the campus of Portland State. Talli gets to do a cool thing today. She loves to write, and her school has chosen her to represent them at a student’s writing conference today. (Not that I’m proud, but they chose her hands down as the best writer in the fifth grade.) And since I have to be there, but can’t be in every thing that she’s doing, I might just have to do some mobile blogging while I’m there.

Portland State reminds me of high school. It’s where we would go to learn how to research real papers, beginning with Rosemary Stanberry, our teacher in American Studies our junior year. (Bobbus, or other high school friends who may be reading, are welcome to add their own Stanberry stories to the comments of this post. My favorite was that she liked reading the bible in the original King James version, because of the poetry.) It’s also the place for the Oregon High School State Speech Championships, where we finished second my junior year and first my senior year.

It may be a walk down memory lane. Weird that I’ll be there with a daughter who’s almost eleven!

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