1985 CHS Speech team

1985 CHS Speech team
So my memory was triggered, and here’s the picture of us speechies, 20 years ago, at PSU. We finished 2nd in the state, losing to Lincoln by only 1 point, says my yearbook. Top row, left to right, is: Keith Anderson ’85, Susan Beck ’87, Dan Radmacher ’85, and Lisa Verch Fletcher ’86. Bottom row, left to right, is: Tammy Grohs Hopkins ’85, Paul Thompson ’85, Debby Applegate ’85, me ’86, Kathi Inman Berens ’86, and Dina Britton ’87.

For the life of me, I can’t remember what Keith’s speech was about or even what category. Susan did an expository speech; Dan was a state champion in poetry interpretation; Lisa was a state champion in humorous interpretation, doing a classic Bill Cosby routine called “The Dentist” (“Fibre! Do you understand fibre in my moubth?”). I think this was the year that Tammy and I were finalists with a dual humorous interp called “Divorce, New York Style.” Paul Thompson was a finalist in humorous interp with a great piece that imitated changing radio stations in the car. He took it to Nationals and did well. Debby placed in serious interpretation, with a piece about a psychotic substitute teacher called “Miss Margarita”; I also was a finalist in impromptu that year; Kathy was state champion in oratory, and Dina was a finalist in poetry interp.

And, thanks to the magical abilities of Google, I’ve found out what some of them are doing now. Talk about giving a person an inferiority complex!

*Dan Radmacher is now a singer and leads worship.
* Lisa Fletcher is a news anchor and investigative reporter.
* Tammy Grohs Hopkins is coordinating the twentieth reunion of the class of ’85.
* Debby Applegate is teaching at Yale University and Wesleyan University, and writing a book on Henry Ward Beecher! Whew!
* Kathi Inman Berens is teaching at USC, has started an undergrad online journal, and writes quite a bit!

I just may have to e-mail these folks and point them to this stroll down memory lane…

4 thoughts on “1985 CHS Speech team

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  2. Gregg,

    Wasn’t Pauls’ speech Firesign Theatres’ “How can you be Two Places At Once When you’re really Nowhere at All?” or something like that? All I remember is the indian accent about New Delhi, boom boom. So many voices, and so funny yet no story line so to speak, not surprising you don’t remember. I just LOVED ALL HIS VOCAL characterizations Just doing some late night work for Oregon Coast Children’s Theatre which I’ve been educational director (and cofounder) nothing as impressive as all the “IVY LEAGUERS” as Larry Leedy old assistant speech coach and I have often joked about in the past. So many teachers our group turned out to be, which is kind of what my group does with training teachers and students how to create murals and LARGE theatrical productions. Of course, it’s the kids that always end up teaching me, which is why I love them so much! Thanks for the memories, sorry I missed Edges’ big PSU shindig, was on tour, hope you got to go, and best wishes for a wonderful 2008 to you, old speech pal! (Remember spin the bottle at Carolee Walkers’ B-Day party 1985, oh my gosh, best not too.) You were always such a sweetie! Take Care! -Dina-


    • Dina!

      Where ARE you?? I have been looking for you for AGES!!! Would absolutely love to visit and catch up. I really miss our Monty Python banter.

      My apologies to you, Greg, the blogger, I don’t mean to use your site to find someone, but I just had to jump in here since I have not been able to find Dina anywhere else. Forgive me. I also love this post!

      Janelle Simonson Serio, also a fellow Speechie, CHS, 1987.


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