Some catching up

It’s funny; the blog finally did what I was hoping it would do. We actually had a significant discussion in an online format that was helpful. And that good thing makes it hard to actually post again. How can we top the last discussion?

Oh well, I don’t have to top it; we just need to keep moving forward. So, in random order, I present the following thoughts:

  • Karl Birky solved my physics dilemma about the shaky pot on the stove. On a coil element, there’s a lot of places for any water on the bottom of the pan to escape once they are heated to steam. On a flat top, everything is hot, and there’s no where for the energy to easily escape. Hence the shaking. Now I’ll have to experiment. If he’s right, it seems it should shake more if there’s water on the bottom of the pan, and less if it’s wiped dry.
  • Only two weeks from Tuesday, and Elaine and I will be leaving the country to celebrate our 15th anniversary in the Caribbean!
  • I find it slightly strange that people on sports radio, for a week before the NFL draft, found the energy to talk about all kinds of different draft scenarios.
  • In church today, one of the best things in my opinion was something Phil Smith, a professor at George Fox University spoke out in open worship. He said on the way to church, the radio was on, describing the investiture service of Pope Benedict XVI. That service was held in Latin and Italian, with great formality and ceremony. Then, Phil thought about Christians gathering in Scotland, with a few simple hymns and a very intellectual sermon. In Africa, Christians gather to celebrate and dance ecstatically in worship. In Latin America, Jesus followers gathered today, worshipping in Spanish and many other unknown languages, because they worship in Pentecostal churches. And then, there was us; a group of Quakers gathering for worship in Newberg, Oregon. What unites us all is the central presence of Jesus Christ. It was a powerful moment of connection with Christians around the world.

So that’s it for now. Catch you tomorrow…I hope!

One thought on “Some catching up

  1. Thank you for not shouting that you are GOING TO THE CARIBBEAN WITH YOUR WIFE!!! The rest of us poor ordinary people might get jealous and I know you wouldn’t want that.


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