Lots of thoughts and ideas, not enough time


Hi everyone-thanks for the very thoughtful comments from my last post, and thank you for not initiating the process of getting me fired at NFC…at least you haven’t yet! 🙂 I’ll try and make space to respond soon, as well as to write about our big Settlers of Catan party and experiment on Saturday. It was a lot of fun!

5 thoughts on “Lots of thoughts and ideas, not enough time

  1. do you really believe you could be fired for being honest? i mean, were jesus, origen, galileo, copernicus, guyon, luther, fox, mlk jr.? or course, they were all part of a loving congregation of christians of christ that stood bravely with them as they struggled with their unique trials in history. right?


  2. Look, pal, JUST cause you’re a SoCal, JUST cause you’ve got a Ph.D., JUST cause you’ve read everyone who is everyone, doesn’t mean all the rest of us are behind you in EVERYTHING. I’ve got Cities and Knights, all right? (And, get the name right…CITIES comes first!) I play Cities, I’m smart enough, I’m sophisticated enough, I can play ball with you, dude. We had a Settlers party because we had to appeal to the masses. And, when I get around to writing the post, you’ll see that we did some pretty seriously cool adaptations for this tournament.


  3. Gregg, You’re acting a little paranoid today. Are you OK? You finally throw out a challenging topic and now you’re worried, are you? Thought I was working toward your demise, did you? Someone might be, but it isn’t me. You may have your faults but frankly, it’s Babe Ruth season and I don’t have that kind of time… And next time don’t make an accusation like that when you’re surrounded by innocent little children, someone might get hurt!


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