Questions I’m thinking now that I’m back

Back in town, and these are the questions going through my mind:

  1. Can a big church really be faithful to God’s calling to create followers of Jesus Christ?
  2. How would life be different if we had stayed in Boise?
  3. Can Duke pull four more rabbits out of a hat?
  4. Is there a more addictive and aggravating game than golf?
  5. Will I ever learn to be content in what IS, instead of wondering what COULD BE?

One thought on “Questions I’m thinking now that I’m back

  1. #1: Why not? I realize there are issues specific to size that can complicate the mission of the church, but I wonder: Is the percentage of people in large churches who are honestly following hard after Christ really that much different from small churches? I doubt there is any possible way to answer that, given what seems like an infinite number of variables that would have to be taken into consideration, but I’m not sure I accept the notion that it’s harder for big churches than small ones, simply because I’ve been in large churches that had no problem being faithful to this calling, and I’ve been in small churches that were completely unfaithful. The single biggest factor, I believe, is the collective heart of the leadership, beginning with the pastor.


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