Celebrity sighting in Newberg!

I saw Senator Ron Wyden at the Newberg Fred Meyer tonight. He bought a bagel. I think he would have gotten a donut if I wasn’t watching him… 🙂

Anyway, it must be hard to be a public figure. This kid came up to him and started talking to him. Right before that, Wyden looked exhausted. The kid came, and on went the baby-holding-persona. “HIIIIIIIII!!!!” (Kid says his mom told him to come say hi.“ ”Well I’m SOOOOO glad you DIIIIIIIIDDDDDD!!!“

I think he was glad when I just said hi and went down the aisle.

3 thoughts on “Celebrity sighting in Newberg!

  1. how cool! i am glad we have public servants like wyden who are willing to turn “on” for their constituents on a 24/7 basis. it must be difficult. he is one of the first democrats i ever voted for, and i am very glad i did. he is a very hard working advocate for oregonians. i met wu and was equally impressed.


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