How to get thinking out in words

I’ve realized, again, that I’m not a verbal processor. I don’t particularly find it helpful to talk through issues I’m wrestling with. I do better going away to my cave and trying to sort things out before I talk with people.

I think most bloggers, at least the prolific ones, are keyboard processors. They think through, think out their thoughts as they type and post. And, once again, I’m finding that difficult to do.

I’ve finished two helpful books recently, “Reimagining Spiritual Formation: A Week in the Life of an Experimental Church” (Doug Pagitt) and “Searching For God Knows What” (Donald Miller) The first has helped me get back to what is important in my own mind as the purpose of the church, our church. The second has simply been good, appreciating a gifted writer who articulates his faith in ways that resonate with me in many ways. I’ll try to make myself “keyboard process” about one of the tonight or tomorrow.

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