comedy attempts, family

Last night, Aubrey was jumping off the couch, over a pillow on the floor, over and over again. Talli was doing her homework, minding her own business instead of watching Aubrey, so Aubrey yells, “Natalie! Watch me jump over this pillow! Natalie! NATALIE!! Watch me jump over this pillow, and you try to say, ‘Wow, that’s a good jump!'”

I lost it, laughing. Talli held together long enough to accomplish her assignment.

One thought on “Watch!

  1. Do all the new comments have to be on new posts?I was looking for the origin of the license plate count, but I just read this one, and I was reminded strongly of my three year old son. Classic!What if we were able to state so clearly what it is that we want? Would we get it or would people just lose it laughing at us? That’s the scary part of the next post (on Dreams), isn’t it? Too often we could say out loud what we are really dreaming of, but we are too scared. Yet, in the pieces I’ve read of your blog, it seems like as you have said your dreams out loud, the folks around you are responding, folks get it, they’re not laughing. Neither am I, well, except at the jokes. In fact, I am finding MY dreams spelled out in YOUR blog. What a glorious day.


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