All right, I’m gonna try this…

I’m actually going to try to commit to blogging. My reasons? I’m in an introspective period of life, I’m wanting to process stuff, I want feedback and input. I’ve been coming alive by reading blogs of old seminary friends and their links to the emergent church. So here I am.

I’ve called it “Gregg’s Gambles”, because as pastor of a well-established church, I’ve learned to listen more than speak my mind about many issues. But I’m fascinated and excited about how our world is changing, and I am passionately longing for Christ’s people to be relevant and influential in our world. So, I’ll risk letting down my guard and “going public” with some of my thoughts.

Of course, “going public” in the world of millions of blogs means I’m probably safer than I’ve ever been (if a tree falls in a forest and no one is there, does it make any noise?)

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